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CINISE: Gianfranco Santoro and C. Deison


-“Par Trop Timp” on ‘Paraphilia Worship’-CD-(Manteinance,Italy,1998) 

-“Nuie” on Noir (Death Is Our Friend + Meat Is Our Lover)-CDr (Butcher’s House,Italy,2001)

-“Vuere. Nuie” on ‘Dhyana #50’-CD/LP(Dhyana, Germany,2003)


“Exhaled” on Loud! In Your Ears cassette (Loud!, Italy, 1996)
“Trashcan Oildrum” on ‘Paraphilia Worship’-CD (Manteinance,Italy,1998) 
-one side (30 min.) on ‘Out of love’ 5-cass (Out of Love,Italy,1999) 
-“Discordant Element” on ‘Entartete Musik vol. 3-4’-compilation (New noise, Holland,1998) 
-track on ‘Noiseoverdose’-compilation cass.(Scrotum prod.,Germany)
-track on ‘Verbranndte Erde Productions’-compilation CD-r (VEP,Germany) 
-track on ‘Maladjusted’-compilation cass. (Oktagon Records, Italy) 
-two tracks on ‘Two minds of a murder’-compilation CD (Ava / Es1, Usa) 
-“Cuore Nero” on’Salvation Through Blood Loss’ CD (Live Bait, Usa) 
-“Exhibition” on ‘Troniks compilation’-cass (Troniks, Usa,2000) 
“Itch (Inertia 071)” on Inquinamento Acustico Vol.1 CD (Misty Circles, Oktagön,Italy,2000)
-“Delay My Pleasure” on ‘Dhyana #50’-CD/LP (Dhyana, Germany,2003)
“Interlude (For Metal Waves)” on Snuff Electronics CDr (Butcher’s House,Italy,2001)
-“Ding Ear” on ‘va – origine comune [the ep]’ [2004-06-01] -mp3 (Sine,Italy,2004)
-“Sad Place” on Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (Afe,Italy,2006)
-“Mariaenascenti (remix)” on Dark Vault 2 – mp3 (Enough Records,Portugal,2008)
Aftermath Of A Lengthy Rejection Slip” on “Re(c)quiem” comp. Cdr (Santos Productions,2001)
-“Nervo vago” on “1 Minute Autohypnosis 17” Cdr (mute Sound, 2013)
-“No one Listen, but You” on “Italian resonances | Dronegazers?” CD (Oak Editions,Italy,2014)
-“Un’altra ragione per tagliarsi un orecchio” on “Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed” cassette (Under My Bed Recordings, Italy, 2014)
-“Subsurface” on “Soundscapes For Escape Vol. 2” double-cassette (Shaded Explorations, Italy, 2015)
-“Signal Unknow” on “1 Minute Autohypnosis 35” Cdr (mute Sound, 2016)
-“Life/Death” on “BRINK Compilation – Life + Death” (free download / wooden engraved USB stick, 2016)
-“Nastro PCM” on “M.Y.A. 2016 – Piermar10 Archivio Mobile” Cdr (Near The Edge Editions, 2016)
-“Self/Less” on “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – A Compilation For Ania Mehring” (free download, Santa Sangre, 2016)


FREQUENCY C-40 (Loud!/Nail, Italy,1997)
URBAN CHAOS C-30 (Loud!, Italy,1997 ) 
RANDOM SCREAMS C-46 (Absurd,Greece,1997) 
w. ATRAX MORGUE- DOWN TO THIS C-20 (Loud!,Italy,1997) 
REHAB LOUNGE C-46 (Less Than Zero,Italy,1998) 
w. GRUNT- CONTROL ZERO C-20 (Loud!,Italy,1998) 
w. DEAD BODY LOVE- USELESS SUICIDE C-20 (Loud!,Italy,1998) 
w. DEVIL G.- COLD SECONDS C-20 (Loud!,Italy,1998) 
w. MACRONYMPHA- HEXO BARBITAL C-30 (Loud!,Italy,1998) 
AUTOMATIC PAIN C-46 (Xerxes,Japan,1998) 
w. BOB MARINELLI- CAUGHT IN THE ACT C-30 (Loud!,Italy,1998) 
w. DEAD BODY LOVE / BAAL- DECAY OF THE CITIES C-46 (Ava/Es1,U.s.a.,1998) 
w. OUTERMOST- Split-Tape C-30 (Loud!, Italy,1998) 
w. AUTOEROTICHRIST- Split-Tape C-46 (Soffitta Macabra,Italy) 
RECYCLED (RRRecords,Usa,2000)