SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA is a release-series from Drone Records about the “The Unknown”. A concept that embraces the prospect of infinite possibilities for artists to create music about the intangible such as: The Unnameable, The Unspeakable, The Unthinkable, The Unidentifiable, etc. Various aspects related to ‘The Unknown’. Sound artists and artwork designers were invited to work on the theme of the ‘grey matter’ / the ‘dark continent’ surrounding us & within us: Transforming this paradoxical idea into acoustic and visual objectifications.

In this chapter Deison is exploring atmospheric vibes with an electro-acoustic approach. 3 track 10 ” EP – filed under “awesome crystalline drones”, based on prepared tapes, metals, strings, wires and electronics… 300 copies on transparent green vinyl.

“Substrata” contains three new compositions where sounds are conceived as they are “excavated” from the earth beneath our feet “Terra Firma” (erosion) and then taking to the light (awakening); it describes its interior solid surface (“Prima Materia”), the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether.”


“Chimeratorium” is based on an audio dream that Deison had. He dreamt about making a new piece together with John Duncan: they were in a large room, in an old church, sculpting frequencies repeatedly for hours. Sounds and frequencies have been then recreated in the studio according to that particular event, becoming the long beautiful suites “Theta Waves” and “Portal”, the latter being a collaboration track by both artists. John Duncan, one of the most consistently confrontational, powerful, and compelling masters of experimentation of the last forty years, is also presenting an unreleased number entitled “Everyone”, which is an alternate mix of a track that is going to appear on his upcoming album called “Soft Eyes”, a project that was born directly from the experiences and inspirations that Duncan collected during the “Red Sky tour” in Japan with Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O’Rourke and Joe Talia.

Packed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with images created by Stefano Gentile, “Chimeratorium” comes in a limited 10″ black vinyl in the 13/Silentes series. Out in June, 2020!


I have a new track on the new ATTN : SPAN compilation curated by Jack Chuter and ATTN:Magazine
ATTN : SPAN is a compilation of 10-second tracks (0ver 200 of them!) designed for shuffle playback featuring lasse Marhuag, Aidan Baker, Oren Ambarchi, Machinefabriek among others.
All profits donated to charity Cool Earth who work with local people to halt deforestation and climate change.
Artwork by James Marriott.


Ten years after their first collaboration (“Into”, Silentes, 2009) KK Null and Deison are back together with “Yugen”, a new work exploring darkness and controlled chaos thru deep and dense sounds. Pulsating and fractured electronics are mixed with an eerie atmosphere of clunks, broken tribal drums and hovering electronic tones.

CD ltd. 200 copies out on (1916).


On October, 12th during the event “Scenasonica/Congresso” in Pordenone, Italy, Deison has been asked to join NURSE WITH WOUND live on stage for their whole perfomance. Line up: Deison, Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter and Andrew Liles.



After our first collaboration in 2013 in two tracks on “We Can Be Everywhere” (Final Muzik – FMSSD01) now comes “Credo” (soon also on CD). I made the music on which the voice and lyrics are layered by Gianluca Becuzzi (Limbo, Kinetix, Noise Trade Company) in homage to the work of the same name by James G. Ballard.
The result is a mix of pulsating and deep electronic vibes with the visionary nihilism of the lyrics.


Eject is an Italian project shared between Francesco Calandrino and Cristiano Deison.

You can listen to the fusion of these sounds originating from sound reproduction systems that are very far apart even if they turn out to be a forceful force on this limited edition Zero Return (CD-R, Chocolate Monk). 
Hyper lo-fi sounds generated by mechanical systems like old cassette stereos, walkmans and pre-post-not manipulated tape’s recordings by Calandrino combined with Deison’s genius who with the skillful use of tape loops, electronics and effects together with field recordings using a Tascam 404 create a jagged planet , ambient and indefinable visions transporting the listener to a pulsating era. 

Eject (Francesco Calandrino and Cristiano Deison). The former lives and works way down in Alcamo in the fields of research music, net-art, language and wine. No doubt guzzling down the good grape while he generates hyper lo-fi sounds from sputtering mechanical systems like his beloved old radio-cassette stereos and wonky walkmans. While the latter has his lab way up in Varmo, where he can usually be found frothing over his Tascam 404, turntable guts and objects churning out skillful tape loop burbles, electronic skittering and field recordings. The whole thing has a great eavesdropping throb that feels like its beaming in from afar. You know they are both part of the ferment of ideas on here but it is a real whodunit. Better get your ear magnifier out, Sherlock. 


After their first collaboration in 1997, Cristiano Deison and Devis Granziera (Devis is probably better known for Teatro Satanico),followed by “Bees” a tape release on Luce Sia in 2017, two historical names of the Italian experimental industrial scene find themselves together again for a new collaborative work. 
An EP entitled “Uncut” where intriguing rhythms and complex structures are wrapped with rough sounds, unsettling voices and a swarm of cybernetic noise. 
An instinctive and wise work, an experimental hive where dark and paralyzing contaminations flow together. 
It is a metallic universe devoid of light and heat that flows obsessively between distorted particles and viscous persistences. 

Only 100 copies (CD-r Uncut) with minimal art-work in transparent Jewel-Case & Sticker. Out On Old Europa Cafe’.


Spray+Sound performance di DEISON e CARNE

Risonanza in chimica è il fenomeno per cui un’unica formula di struttura è insufficiente a rappresentare una molecola. Impermanenza fondamenta della ricerca artistica, Interdipendenza come compimento della formula.  Nasce cosi la collaborazione tra Carne e Deison, dove gli spray del primo dialogano analogicamente con le macchine del secondo e viceversa. Gli spray generano il suono che processato influenza a sua volta la gestualità e la ritmica pittorica, dove la razionalità e l’irrazionalità pittorica di Carne danno e prendono forma attraverso il suono processato da Deison, generando  una performance istintiva  figlia del Tempo e dello Spazio.  


The idea of “DEAD PIANO” was born from the intention of using the sound of the piano in a different context, compared to what we are used to listen. Can this instrument become a different ‘sound generator’? 
Beyond what has been done in the past, when many composers used a ‘prepared piano’, where they placed microphones near the strings, or pieces of metal that generated particular sounds resonating with the strings, the most recent technology offers many tools to manipulate that same sound, so well-known and unmistakable, and transform it into something quite different. Therefore it is possible for the piano to become a generator of percussive sounds, pads and drones, creating a sound palette that is reconciled with other sound sources becoming a cohesive and intriguing whole. The piano sounds manipulated by ANDREA BELLUCCI, are perfectly integrated with the atmospheres generated by CRISTIANO DEISON‘s machines, creating ‘sonic landscapes’ which complement each other. 
Not only melody then, where the piano can be considered ‘the instrument’ par excellence, but also the search for atmospheres and environments that can involve the listener, perhaps giving unexpected emotions. 

Dead Piano (, 1806) CD / ltd.200 Release Date: October, 15th



“Degrade (lower level)” is an unreleased track featuring on the series [ SPECTRAL SIGNS _ 07 ] released by GHOST CITY COLLECTIVE, an audio-visual collective born in 2015 that pushes underground-self-produced stuff…obscure, lo-fi and experimental sounds!


DEISON / DEVIS – B e e s  (Luce Sia, 042)
Released on black C40 // limited to 60 numbered copies with download code.”After a split cassette in 1997, «Bees» is in fact the first collaboration ever between the two historical Italian experimenters Deison and Devis G.* 
Deison and Devis worked meticulously, but in an instictive and natural way to this project, inspired by the natural order of things, by bringing piece after piece sounds, texts and rhythms, gathering them together to build a complex structure, like bees do.” Luce Sia
*solo project of Devis “deviLs” Granziera of Teatro Satanico, Lvnvs,…File under: Experimental, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Abstract, Drone