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Hypomaniac Larvae


(CD-R, Loud!, 2014)

  1. Embrace Lunacy
  2. Little Girl Discover Shame
  3. Blind Larvae I
  4. Zoo Night
  5. Blind Larvae II
  6. May Ghosts Eat From Tin Cans?
  7. Blind Larvae III
  8. Wooden Dark Sky
  9. Blind Larvae IV
  10. Chalk Lake

The last time we met the duo that form Anatomy, Deison and dANi/ALvo, the duo was busy creating with “Dead Man And A Skeleton Stag “ a release created by improvisations during long and nocturnal drones, using semi-automatic poetry to contextualize the mood of the work, which was murky, mysterious and slow – the debut album sounded like a beast that slept. 
With “Hypomaniac Larvae”, the beast has awakened, and alas, it is not the noble beast that we were imagining. Blind larvae chew the texture of the composition shortening it, making it badder, speeding up their metabolism and becoming diametrically opposed to the calm of the previous album.This disc, also born of improvisations in little more than a week, “Hypomaniac Larvae” take by surprise even those who had listened to the debut of the duo. The music has become further hallucinatory, with drifting rhythms dictated by Deison and gradually more and more convulsive, with loops created on the spot along with a nervous humming of the vocals from a feverish dANi/ALvo during the recording of the disc. 
An album that sounds urgent, with the trademark known previously violated and upsetted, Anatomy played out the biological evolution of the animal, tightening all the contents and revealing another piece of their puzzle.To the listener the mission to don’t get scared and to understand, and examining what is born.