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(CD-R, Authorized Version, 2004)

  1. And So On
  2. Pure
  3. Frame #1
  4. Intermezzo
  5. Ground
  6. Buildings
  7. Frame #2

Elegant set of recordings provides an interesting mix of cold electronica clicks, glitches and discordant sine waves with sultry ambient drones and washes.


Some time ago (Vital Weekly 372) I noted to my surprise the music of Deison, who didn’t do noise, but played a rather interesting form of ambient glitch music. Back then I reviewed a couple of MP3 releases, but here’s a real release on the nice Authorized Version label. Recorded, it says, at various locations, but I am not sure if that includes field recordings or live concerts. Either way, the seven pieces included here, show a great interest in carefully constructed microsounding glitch music, with a strong ambient undertone. Seven sketch like pieces of a good quality – what more do you want? Maybe the not the most original voice around, but nevertheless quite nice