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(cassette, Loud!/Sin.Org.,1999)

A1 Radiobeat 1
A2 Gas-Station (Oil $)
A3 Radiobeat 2
A4 Space-Shifter De Luxe
A5 Justice Is Might (S.Y.)
A6 New Emitex
A7 Vacuum Gauge
A8 Radiobeat 3
B1 Radiobeat 4
B2 Random Screams
B3 Radiobeat 5
B4 Nervous Insect
B5 Anathomy Of A Crime Scene
B6 Radiobeat 6
B7 Breathe Slowly
B8 E.Short 24-47
B9 White Thrash

C-40 debut-tape cassette co-produced by Loud! and Nail Releases in 1996; great loop-abuse and noise-lacerations. Lim.ed.100 

WITH HELP FROM  P.DE PIAGGI: LOOP MANIPULATIONS recorded at s.b.s,udine,italy-feb.í99 
by c.deison.