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The Black Single e.p.


(7”, Loud!/Sin Organization, 1999)

A1. confidential
B1. so slow
B2. micronerve


It may ever exist a subliminal way of playng noise? If so – Mr. Deison from Friuli is the first one to show us how. All this 7″ (release #3 for Sin Organisation and vinyl release #1 for Deison’s own label Loud!) is built on apparently thin and un-growing sounds – but after a pair of listenings to it I feel like having 500 little hammers ticking in all my skull’s sides, rather than a big smashing anvil in front of my face, like when I listen Satori…Overloads of high pitched electronic pieces – static noise reduced to molecular dimensions. 


Per gli amanti dei cult-singles si segnala il 7″ d’esordio dell’udinese Deison “The Black Single e.p.”, tre brevi esperimenti di musica mentale che si concretizzano attraverso la tecnica ossessiva della ripetizione ritmica, del loop circolare che porta ineluttabilmente aoscuri stati di ipnosi in cui prendono forma visioni di incubi apocalittici che non danno tregua. Album di debutto di prossima uscita. 


The Black Single 7″ is a monster: “Confidential” consists of the grinding of brain cells, the brain cells a conflict of restraint and revolt (no explosion, just unnerving defiance within the cranium), the brooding ambience hot-wired with humming, sporadically vibrating machinery tones and dry, serrated-edged metallic sounds that slowly devour all sanity. “So Slow” is an ingenious blend of what sounds like steel drums, some kind of other metal drums, and agitated, insectile clicking, upon which a thread of forbidding, covert activity (as if codes are being relayed to my brain that I cannot quite decipher) is stitched. Thick layers of noise corrupt “Micronerve,” disturbances from the realm of isolation and despair. Everything is laced with an ominous cloud of discomforting ambience and a looped, multi-layered congealing of sounds, not unlike the brilliant Schloss Tegal (!) or Mortar. This kind of brooding, mysterious noise manipulation seeps into the nooks and crannies of gray matter, determined to influence via repetition of subversive textures, via insidious sonic means (hmmmmm). Deison deserves your attention!