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L!R01/SIN03 DEISON-"The black single e.p." 7"
It features 3 tracks of extreme noise and black atmospheres. Limited edition of only 100 numbered copies!.Few copies.

L!R02/SINO4 DEISON/THURSTON MOORE -split-single 7"
Split -single ,once again co-released by Loud! and Sin Organisation in a limited edition of 400 numbered copies. 'good uncle' T.Moore offers an unreleased track of guitar feedbacks and sonic effects and Deison presents a 7 minutes noisy manipulation + a '1 minute' Moore's track remix. Few copies!

L!R03 SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS / BAD SECTOR "Neurotrasmitter Actions" CD-R (co-released with Solipsism)
This long awaited collaboration work is really great. These two sound-sculptors from Italy are with no doubt among the most perfectionist people in this scene. The quality of their sound is excellent. Massimo present 5 tracks in his particular tone like a cyber cathedral organ, while Paolo dissect precisely the frequency oscillation in a clinical efficiency. First 150 copies are co-released by Loud! And Self Abuse's side label Solipsism (026) and come in a transparent plastic pocket. The second edition is released by Loud! with a pure white artwork in jewel-case.A Must for perfect sound researchers.

L!02 V.A. 'Loud! in your ears vol.2' CDR
Featuring: proof of the shooting, joshua norton cabal, hospital, ames sanglantes, moz, s.isabella, john wiese, r.h.y. yau

L!CD03 KK.NULL - "Helium Flash"(mini-3"CDr )
The great Japanese noise-composer (also known for his work with Anp ,Zeni Geva and Monster Dvd) releases a new mini-3"cd full of intensive digital and noise -sounds. Powerful new material from KK , maybe his best release so far, not to be missed !

L!CD04 DEISON and LASSE MARHAUG "33 Minute Of Your Life"
Assembled through mail collaboration (Norway vs. Italy) by these two sound designers. "33 Minute Of Your Life", it's sort of drifting ambient soundscapes with hard cracking sounds adding dynamics.

L!CD05 SINISTRI - 27.02.2004 (Mini 3" CD-r,2004)
Limited edition of 100 copies given at the Sinistri concert at Hybrida Space (Tarcento,Ud,Italy) on 27.02.2004

L!CD06 ANATOMY - Dead Man and a Skeleton Stag (Digipack CDr,2012)
Collaboration featuring: dANi/ALvo (Captcha Poetry, Noise, Voice, Violin, Tabla) and Deison(Drones, Field Recordings, Processing)

L!CD07 DEISON / GALAN - Cayendo (Digipack CDr,2012)

L!CD08 ANATOMY - Hypomanica Larvae (Digipack CD,2014)

L!023/025 DEISON & UGGERI– In the Other House (LP,CDr, 2015) (co-released with Final Muzik, Old Bicycle records, Grey sparkle,Oak)

L!CD09 DEISON - Any Time Now (Digipack CDr,2016) (co-released with Many Feet Under)

L!D01 DEISON - Recordings 1996-2016 (Digital,2016)


LOUD! cassettes releases. NOW ALL SOLD OUT!!!!!

L!01 DEISON "Frequency" C-40. Debut-tape co-produced with nail Releases: great loop-abuse and noise-lacerations.Lim.ed.100
L!02 DEISON "Urban chaos" C-30. Disturbed mix of post-industrial ambient-noise.Ltd.ed.100.
L!03 DEISON / ATRAX MORGUE "Down to this" C-20. First volume of the 'uneasy listening experience' series;Ltd.ed.50.
L!04 DEISON / GRUNT "Control zero" C-20. vol.2. Powerful noise.
L!05 DEISON / DEAD BODY LOVE "Useless suicide" C-20. vol.3. Noise-core madness continues.
L!06 DEISON / DEVIL G. "Cold seconds" C-20.vol.4 Dark-ambient with heavy rythms and lo-fi drones.
L!07 DEISON / MACRONYMPHA "Hexo barbital" C-30. Featuring ultra-crashing noise star Macronympha.Ltd.ed.100.
L!08 DEAD BODY LOVE "Erase your body" C-46. The most exciting and dangerous noise.Lim.ed.100.
L!09 GOVERNMENT ALPHA "pulse" C-46. High energy from Tokyo;unbelievable loud! Lim.ed.100.
L!010 V.A. "Loud! in your ears" C-70. Featuring Atrax Moorgue, DBL, KK Null, R.Ramirez, BaaL, Grunt,......Lim.ed.200.
L!011 d/s "Where the boys are" C-30. live recording from this new harsh noise project by R.Ramirez! Lim.ed.74.
L!012 DEISON / BOB MARINELLI "Caught in the act" C-30. Bob Marinelli is a great new noise-maker from USA.Lim.ed.66.
L!013 BaaL / LASSE MARHAUG "Mental insect" C-60. USA-Norway noise-duel. Lim.ed.79.
L!014 V.A. "Extreme collection" C-30. Compiled by Atrax Morgue features: Thirdorgan,Deathpile,Future Obzek,R.Ramirez,... .
L!015 MOZ "Redlight district" C-30. Psycho-dangerous noise for this ex-Black Leather Jesus. Lim.ed.56.
L!016 K2 "Metal language" C-54. Japanoizmaster offers another piece of insane metal junk abuse. Lim.ed100.
L!017 V.A. "Neuropeanoise" C-54. Solo europeanoise artists: Drift,F.Douris, Bad Sector, Grunt, DogLiveroil,Lasse Marhaug.
L!018 INVOLUCRO “Symphony for alienated minds” C-30. New great italian project; mix harsh-noise with dark beats and drones .Taste it! Ltd.ed.70.
L!019 DEISON / OUTERMOST "split-tape" C-30.Feat. the deep-ambient noise by Deison and the power-noise -core from the Japanese Outermost.
L!020 LASSE MARHAUG/BAD KHARMA "Red tape rot three' C-60 Great Noise-duel: Norway vs. Sweden. Wild power electronics!Play-stationoise.
L!021 ANEMONE TUBE "Allegories for the future" C-54.10 tracks of mind inducing, dark power-electrs-noise for this new german noisician. Ltd.ed.100.
L!022 BIZARRE UPROAR "Kool aid 1991-1999". C-40.extreme hot-noise from ice-Finland. .Ltd.ed100.

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