"since 1997 into noise, electronic and experimental sounds "

 L!R01/SIN03 DEISON-"The black single e.p." 7"
It features 3 tracks of extreme noise and black atmospheres. Limited edition of only 100 numbered copies! .Few copies!

 L!R02/SINO4 DEISON/THURSTON MOORE -split-single 7"
Split -single ,once again co-released by Loud! and Sin Organisation in a limited edition of 400 numbered copies. 'good uncle' T.Moore offers an unreleased track of guitar feedbacks and sonic effects and Deison presents a 7 minutes noisy manipulation + a '1 minute' Moore's track remix. Few copies!

 SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS / BAD SECTOR"neurotrasmitter actions" CD-R (co-released with Solipsism)
This long awaited collaboration work is really great. These two sound-sculptors from Italy are with no doubt among the most perfectionist people in this scene. The quality of their sound is excellent. Massimo present 5 tracks in his particular tone like a cyber cathedral organ, while Paolo dissect precisely the frequency oscillation in a clinical efficiency. First 150 copies are co-released by Loud! And Self Abuse's side label Solipsism (026) and come in a transparent plastic pocket. The second edition is released by Loud! with a pure white artwork in jewel-case. A Must for perfect sound researchers.

 -V.A. 'Loud! in your ears vol.2' CDR
Featuring: 01.proof of the shooting 02.joshua norton cabal 03.hospital 04.ames sanglantes 05.moz 07.s.isabella 09.john wiese 11.r.h.y. yau

-KK.NULL - "Helium Flash"(mini-3"CD )
The great Japanese noise-composer (also known  for his work with Anp ,Zeni Geva and Monster Dvd)  releases a new mini-3"cd full of  intensive digital and noise -sounds. Powerful new material from KK , maybe his best release so far,  not to be missed !

L!01  DEISON "frequency" C-40. _Debut-tape co-produced with nail Releases: great loop-abuse and noise-lacerations.Lim.ed.100
L!02  DEISON "urban chaos" C-30. Disturbed mix of post-industrial ambient-noise.Ltd.ed.100.
L!03  DEISON / ATRAX MORGUE "down to this" C-20. First volume of the 'uneasy listening experience' series;Ltd.ed.50. (cover)
L!04  DEISON / GRUNT "control zero" C-20. vol.2. Powerful noise.
L!05  DEISON / DEAD BODY LOVE "useless suicide" C-20. vol.3. Noise-core madness continues.
L!06  DEISON / DEVIL G. "cold seconds" C-20.vol.4 Dark-ambient with heavy rythms and lo-fi drones.
L!07  DEISON / MACRONYMPHA "hexo barbital" C-30. Featuring ultra-crashing noise star Macronympha.Ltd.ed.100.
L!08  DEAD BODY LOVE "erase your body" C-46. The most exciting and dangerous noise.Lim.ed.100.
L!09  GOVERNMENT ALPHA "pulse" C-46. High energy from Tokyo;unbelievable loud! Lim.ed.100.
L!010 V.A. "Loud! in your ears" C-70. Featuring Atrax Moorgue, DBL, KK Null, R.Ramirez, BaaL, Grunt,......Lim.ed.200.
L!011 d/s "where the boys are" C-30. live recording from this new harsh noise project by R.Ramirez! Lim.ed.74.
L!012 DEISON / BOB MARINELLI "caught in the act" C-30. Bob Marinelli is a great new noise-maker from USA.Lim.ed.66.
L!013 BaaL / LASSE MARHAUG "mental insect" C-60. USA-Norway noise-duel. Lim.ed.79.
L!014 V.A. "extreme collection" C-30. Compiled by Atrax Morgue features: Thirdorgan,Deathpile,Future Obzek,R.Ramirez,... .
L!015 MOZ "redlight district" C-30. Psycho-dangerous noise for this ex-Black Leather Jesus. Lim.ed.56.
L!016 K2 "metal language" C-54. Japanoizmaster offers another piece of insane metal junk abuse. Lim.ed100.
L!017 V.A. "neuropeanoise"C-54. Solo europeanoise artists: Drift,F.Douris, Bad Sector, Grunt, DogLiveroil,Lasse Marhaug.
L!018 INVOLUCRO žsymphony for alienated mindsÓ C-30. New great italian project; mix harsh-noise with dark beats and drones .Taste it! Ltd.ed.70.
L!019 DEISON / OUTERMOST "split-tape" C-30.Feat. the deep-ambient noise by Deison and the power-noise -core from the Japanese Outermost.
L!020 LASSE MARHAUG/BAD KHARMA "red tape rot three' C-60 Great Noise-duel: Norway vs. Sweden. Wild power electronics!Play-stationoise.
L!021 ANEMONE TUBE "allegories for the future" C-54.10 tracks of mind inducing, dark power-electrs-noise for this new german noisician. Ltd.ed.100.
L!022 BIZARRE UPROAR-kool aid 1991-1999. C-40.extreme hot-noise from ice-Finland. .Ltd.ed100.